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Turn your old refrigerant into income with our buy back program catered  to your specific needs.

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A Scary Story - Not Getting Paid for Your Used Refrigerants

Scott Stanley - Saturday, October 07, 2017
Oct 7th2017 Michigan Refrigerant Recovery Thumb

Refrigerants For $$$$$

As October rolls around and we wind up for the Halloween season, the scariest thing for a business-owner isn’t going to be ghouls, ghosts or goblins – it’s losing money.. Read more

2017 Michigan Money for Refrigerants

As October rolls around and we wind up for the Halloween season, the scariest thing for a business-owner isn’t going to be ghouls, ghosts or goblins – it’s losing money.  We’re well into fall by now (the equinox was on the 22nd of September this year), and temperatures are going to be dropping soon. If you have your own business, HVAC equipment and heating devices are going to be incredibly important to your company at this time – nobody is going to want to work if they’re busy trying to keep themselves from freezing in the office! Neglecting this important part of the business environment and creature comforts could cost you massive amounts of productivity.

Now, let’s assume that you pretty much have everything covered in that area – you’ve got your heaters and boilers running, and your employees seem cozy and comfy. Great! But is there more you could be doing? Are you actually losing money as we speak? Are you unwittingly exposing your employees to harmful chemicals? This is the kind of thing that keeps a mindful business owner awake at night. But don’t worry – we at Refrigerant Services LLC are here to help.

The Clean Exchange Program

If you have old, unused refrigerant cylinders in your workplace we’d be happy to take them off your hands. This is the central idea behind our Clean Exchange program. We’ll take any kind of cylinders, whether they’re full or not - even ones that are expired and have no more use to you!

We can handle any type of cylinder you have

We’re fully equipped to handle cylinders of all sizes, and we can even rent you 240 lb. cylinders to use if you need any containers bigger than 125 lbs. You’ll get back new certified replacement cylinders, documented and complete with paperwork to comply with the new strict EPA regulations regarding refrigerants.

We can do the job start-to-finish

Our team of highly skilled, expertly trained technicians is qualified to recover all sorts of refrigerants. We’re ready to take care of all the steps required (which can only be performed by licensed technicians). Extraction, collection and disposal of harmful refrigerants are all just one call or email away – just get in touch with us and schedule a date for us to pick up your old or expired refrigerants.

We can help you save money or even make some

Now that all sounds pretty good, but that’s not even the best part – we’ll also pay you for your old or expired refrigerants. We know that it seems like everyone has had to tighten their belts lately, which is why we’re eager to work with you to minimize costs and possibly even find a new revenue stream. It’s sometimes scary to think of all the money you’re losing because of workplace maintenance and lost productivity, so we’d like to give a little something back. It’s a great deal for everyone involved. We’ll get you the best rates for every bit of refrigerant we collect, and you won’t need to worry about anything – consolidation, delivery, and pickup are all part of the deal.

We can help you maintain productivity while taking care of the planet

We at Refrigerant Services LLC believe that recovering old refrigerants is an important task not only for our customers, but also for the environment; and that you should only trust the best professionals to take care of the job for you. Let us handle it for a worry-free experience. You and your employees are then free to focus on what really matters – operating your business to the best of your ability.

Let’s recap just what we can offer you through the Clean Exchange Program:

  1. We’ll take your old or expired refrigerant cylinders and replace them with new ones
  2. We’ll take cylinders with old or expired refrigerants
  3. We’ll take cylinders of any size (30 lbs., 50 lbs., 100 lbs., etc)
  4. We’ll pick up the cylinders from your location
  5. We’ll pay you for any old and expired refrigerant that we can get from your old containers

We’d love to tell you more about our Clean Exchange program – you can call us at 844-PURECFC (7873232) to learn more. We also have a handy online contact form should you be too busy for a lengthy phone call. Whichever method you prefer, we’re excited to help. Get in touch with us today!

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Why You Should be Exchanging Your Old Refrigerants Regularly

Scott Stanley - Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Sept 20th2017 Michigan Refrigerant Recovery Thumb

Exchanging Refrigerants

If you’re a business owner, taking care of your HVAC or refrigeration system’s refrigerants is probably pretty low down on your list of priorities.. Read more

2017 Michigan Clean Exchange Refrigerant Recovery

If you’re a business owner, taking care of your HVAC or refrigeration system’s refrigerants is probably pretty low down on your list of priorities. Here at Refrigerant Services LLC, we’re committed to creating a cleaner and eco-friendlier society – we do that by recovering and replacing any old, contaminated or non-EPA compliant refrigerants you might have. What does this mean for you? Well, simply put, it means that we can help each other take care of the environment and make money at the same time. To do this, all you need to do is make sure you exchange or recycle your old refrigerants.

Why is it important to do this? Let’s start with a basic overview of how refrigerants work.

The refrigerant is simply a substance that undergoes phase changes so it can move through the cooling system. It passes through the compressor and the condenser coils to allow our cooling system or device to make cold air. The compressor increases the pressure of the refrigerant and pushes it towards the condenser coils outside of the cooling system. Once the hot refrigerant vapor combines with the cooler air from outside the system, it turns back into a liquid and is cooled, then flows into the evaporator coils. It is in this form that the refrigerant absorbs the heat from the cooling system, producing cold air to be used in our HVAC or refrigeration systems.

Once the refrigerant absorbs enough heat it turns into a gas once again, and is ready to head back into the compressor where the entire cycle restarts.

What is refrigerant recycling?

Recycling refrigerants is done by first removing the refrigerant from the system containing it, and then sending it through equipment that will clean it. When we clean refrigerants, it means that we remove the moisture and particles that make it toxic.

Once recycling is done, the refrigerant can be put back in its original container or it can be stored in a different container for future use in a different system. This is different from recovering refrigerants (which doesn’t clean it) and reclaiming refrigerants (which results in much purer refrigerants). Recovering refrigerant is unsuitable for old and expired refrigerant because it does nothing to clean it and make it less toxic, while reclaiming refrigerants is an extreme process that uses very specialized and expensive equipment and techniques.

What happens if you don’t recycle?

You could be exposing yourself and your employees to serious health risks. If not handled properly, R-22 and other toxic refrigerants can cause skin diseases, eye inflammation and cataracts, and other debilitating conditions. Exposing your workers to these risks also opens you up to legal action and a visit from the EPA. All these mean you aren’t being productive with your time; and in business, wasted time means wasted money. If that isn’t bad enough, you could also be causing environmental damage which will have an impact well beyond your company – possibly affecting subsequent generations, which isn’t the kind of legacy anyone wants to leave behind.

How you can deal with this today

The easiest thing to do is to get in touch with us to schedule a date for our team of specialists to pick up the old or expired refrigerants. They’ll be the ones to take care of everything from extraction and collection all the way down to the disposal of all harmful refrigerants (which can only be performed by licensed technicians).

If all that doesn’t sound great already, here’s the kicker – we’ll even pay you for your old and expired refrigerants. Our Clean Exchange program makes things both easy and affordable. Not only will we pay you for every last bit of refrigerant we collect; we’ll also handle everything from pickup and consolidation to delivery.

If you want to learn more about our Clean Exchange Program, simply call us at 844-PURECFC (787-3232). You can also opt to use our online contact form. We at Refrigerant Services LLC are fully certified to handle and recycle your old refrigerants so you can be sure that you’re getting the best quality service and safety for your employees.

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