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Turn your old refrigerant into income with our buy back program catered  to your specific needs.

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What Michigan Cold Weather Means for Refrigerants

Scott Stanley - Sunday, January 20, 2019
Jan 20th2019 Michigan Refrigerant Recovery Services

Winter is Here

It’s smack dab in the middle of winter and that means teeth-chatteringly cold temperatures in Michigan! What does this mean for any refrigerants that your business may use? To give an...  Read more

2019 Michigan Winter Refrigerant Recovery

It’s smack dab in the middle of winter and that means teeth-chatteringly cold temperatures in Michigan! What does this mean for any refrigerants that your business may use? To give an answer to that question, first we need to know the basics of the refrigeration cycle.

The job of the refrigeration cycle is to remove unwanted heat from one place and discharge it into another. To do this, the refrigerant is pumped through a closed refrigeration system; it keeps the refrigerant from becoming contaminated and controls its flow, since it is a liquid in some parts of the cycle and a gas or vapor in other phases.

Heat will travel from the warmer substance to the evaporator cooled by the evaporation of the refrigerant within the system, causing the refrigerant to "boil" and evaporate, changing it to a vapor. This is similar to the change that occurs when a pail of water is boiled on the stove and the water changes to steam, except that the refrigerant boils at a much lower temperature.

During winter, you’d most likely use a heat pump to heat your workplace. As the outdoor temperature gets colder, there is less and less heat in the air for the refrigeration system inside a heat pump to extract. It then becomes the job of the compressor and other components to amplify the heat in the system. No matter what heat pump you have, as it gets colder out its ability to extract heat and move it inside is reduced.

For a business owner’s perspective, what does this all mean? Simply that winter is hard on any system that relies on refrigerant—you need to squeeze every bit of efficiency out of them that you can, and you can’t do that if your refrigerants are old, dirty, or contaminated. To help with this we’ve got two simple options for you:

The Clean Exchange Program

Having old, damaged, or useless cylinders lying around isn’t just a waste of space, but can also be a waste of money. The main idea behind our Clean Exchange program is that we take your old, dilapidated or empty refrigerant cylinders and replace them with new, DOT-certified cylinders. We’ll pay you for any old or expired refrigerants that we can recover from your cylinders, so you aren’t just getting new cylinders, you’ll even get a new source of income. Rest assured we’ll give you our most competitive rates for your expired or leftover refrigerant – money that would otherwise have been left on the table.

The Buy Back Program

When you sign up for the Buy Back Program, you’ll have three options available to you. First, we can give you good-as-new refrigerants in return for your used, contaminated, or burnt refrigerants. Second, we can buy your old or used refrigerants at very competitive rates. And last, but not least, we can exchange your used refrigerants for EPA-compliant and environmentally safe types of refrigerants. In addition to the state-of-the-art technology we use to minimize leaks and toxic contamination, after completing all recovery procedures our team will inspect the surrounding area for any leakages or unwanted waste so that we can ensure that your workplace is safe. That’s a deal and a half.

The beginning of a new year is the chance for a fresh start! We’d be happy to tell you more about what our Clean Exchange Program and Buy Back Program have in store for you – simply call us at 844-PURECFC (7873232). If you’re too busy with the post-holiday rush and don’t have time to call, we have an online form that you can fill out and we’ll get in touch with you at a more convenient time.

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2019 Refrigerant Resolutions - Turn Reclamation into a Profit

Scott Stanley - Wednesday, December 26, 2018
Dec 26th2019 Michigan Refrigerant Recovery Services

Refrigerant Resolutions

A new year means a fresh start and a fresh chance to earn more. Every business owner will be looking for ways to kick start 2019. To help you do that, we at Refrigerant Services LLC have...  Read more

2019 Michigan Refrigerant Recovery

A new year means a fresh start and a fresh chance to earn more. Every business owner will be looking for ways to kick start 2019. To help you do that, we at Refrigerant Services LLC have two great options: the Buy Back Program and the Clean Exchange Program. Learn how both of these can start creating a new revenue stream for your business.

The Clean Exchange Program

To put it simply, the idea behind our Clean Exchange Program is that we will take any old, unused refrigerant cylinders in your workplace and replace them with new ones. It doesn’t matter what kind of cylinder it is—whether or not it’s full or empty, and whether or not it’s expired or dilapidated.

Old cylinders that haven’t seen the light of day for years are no problem for our expert technicians. They’re qualified to recover all sorts of refrigerants. Our highly skilled personnel are raring to help you start the new year—in ways only licensed technicians can. They’ll extract and collect refrigerants and dispose of any harmful or unusable refrigerants to ensure you get the most value out of your cylinders.

Our techs are also equipped and certified to handle cylinders and tanks of all sizes, weights, and dimensions. In return you get documented, certified replacement cylinders in accordance with the strictest EPA regulations regarding refrigerant handling. Just let us know if you have special requests in terms of cylinder or tank size and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Typically, this kind of service would mean you’d have to bring the cylinders over to our location—but we believe in going the extra mile, literally. What that means is that we’ll come to you, instead. Carting around heavy, bulky cylinders doesn’t sound like a great start to your new year, so we can do it for you instead! Complete consolidation and on-site recovery are our specialty.

The Buy Back Program

Under our Buy Back Program, those same expert technicians will recover contaminated, burnt, or just plain old used refrigerants. There are several options available: we’ll either buy your refrigerants, give you back good-as-new refrigerants, or even exchange your previously used refrigerants for newer, more environmentally-safe and EPA-compliant refrigerants.

When we perform the process of recovering your refrigerants, our cutting edge technology squeezes out every last bit of refrigerant possible while effectively separating contaminants. We do this to make sure that you can get the absolute highest possible value for your refrigerants.

If for the Clean Exchange Program we go the extra mile, we do the same for the Buy Back Program. We do in-house consolidation to make sure that any unnecessary leakage and waste are avoided. We separate refrigerants from contaminants to give you the highest purity and volume possible. This is done in order for you to get the highest value possible.

Start the new year with new revenue

The key feature of both of these great programs is that we pay you for refrigerants that would otherwise go to waste, do the work quickly and efficiently to minimize workplace interruption, and can schedule these services at your convenience. Just the thing to kick your 2019 into high gear from the get go.  

We’d love to tell you more about what Refrigerant Services LLC can offer. You just have to pick up the phone and give us a call at 844-PURECFC (7873232) to learn more. If you don’t have time for a lengthy phone call to discuss how we can assist you, we also have an online contact form that you can fill out – we’ll get in touch with you at a more convenient time.

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